Beware The Deadly Smiling Assassin (poem)

A poem from the book BLACKSTERLING by Khadijah Ward. This poem shows how your children are manipulated by the system to fail. 

Poem - Beware, the deadly Smiling Assassin

He smiles as in one hand he gives you seeds of hope, he smiles in the other you get an ounce of dope.

He smiles when he grants you race relations law, he smiles, when his racism makes you stay poor.

He smiles, as he lets you integrate his schools, he smiles, as education turns you his fool.

He smiles as you spit your profanity rap, he smiles as young brothers kill each other, brap! brap!

He smiles when you make a career out of crime, he smiles when his judge says, now do whole heap of time.

He smiles as you form your ‘hood’ street gang, he smiles as his police guns dem bang! Bang!

The smiling assassin is a deadly machine, a force to be reckoned like a guillotine, beware, as he smiles he wipes you out clean, your Black liberation becomes a pipe-dream. End of poem.