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THE BLACK-PRINT of SELF-RELIANCE & COLLECTIVE BLACKWEALTH. You've come this far so complete your purchase by putting your info in the box.  And download the book immediately.

When BlackSterling was published in 2017 it was hailed by the community as ground-breaking! This book is very much still relevant today, so enlighten yourself and use it as a starting point/tool for your economic and political freedom.  Thank You For Purchasing BlackSterling. 


What People Say About BlackSterling:

"BlackSterling, a masterpiece! Thank you, Khadijah"

Princess Hannah Rebel

" Great read. Kind of book you start you find it hard to put down. I recommend purchasing this book as a kick start to financial freedom. Khadijah Ward, I appreciate your hard work.focused into dissecting the system into manageable phases to create change. Definitely something to be recommended for larger exposure. Needs to be taught to the wider community."


One of the most compelling works today describing the blackprint for building power for the many peoples of the African diaspora. It details historically our obstacles and identities a comprehensive plan to create Nationalism for the African peoples of the world."

Prof. Carl Tone Jones