Did You Know BlackSterling is dubbed the Bible of Economics for  the Nubian diaspora? 

"The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender."        Dont be a slave. Self -reliance is a MUST! Blacksterling teaches that.

Do your children know wealth, economic and political power are interlinked? Teach them to avoid the systems that keep you poor, politically disabled and economically weak, and learn how to overcome them to build individual & collective black wealth.


Did you know that the UK hair & beauty industry is worth £15 billion from the £££ of the black community but you do not own it or benefit financially from it ?

Learn how to take black your industries and create wealth for you and your community.


Who Controls the Systems that Control You? 

Learn how the economic systems and infrastructures you rely upon use you:

  • Educate your children to fail. 
  • Commodities for the prison system.
  • Keeps you begging for acceptance and employment on the corporate plantation.
  • Exploit you as serial consumers to create billions of £/$ for other races.
  • Keeps your community demobilised and poor.

Your current situation is not your final destination!

There is still time to create generational wealth for your children.


Your Children wont learn this In Schools, So they must be taught…

  • The ills of the system
  • The war on the black man and woman waged by the west 
  • How to beat the system

The right knowledge will make all the difference to their economic and political future. We’ll cover it all in BlackSterling.


Nine chapters of hard-hitting truths


You Are Ready To Take Control of Your Financial Future?

BlackSterling teaches you the reasons why you and your community do not have individual and collective wealth. And gives you simple action steps on how to achieve generational wealth and economic unity:

  • Firstly understand why the black community are not collectively wealthy. 
  • Why we are serial consumers and have no industries
  • How we need to change our mindset to build generational wealth.

With a shift in your mindset and some smart economic practices, you could create individual and collective black wealth.


Give Your Children BlackSterling to Read...

  • Learn to be politically aware of oppressive systems
  • Learn how to build wealth & create legacy
  • Learn how to be economically self-reliant
  • Learn how to work in unity with their community
  • Learn how to love themselves as black people

I'm Khadijah Ward 

Aka DarkGirlBoss. I am of perfect DNA. A spiritual being, a mass of energy god's highest form of creation.

I published Blacksterling in 2017 and hailed as ground-breaking, but it is still extremely relevant today.  Since Blacksterling I have progressed with the collective black wealth mission to create BlackWall Street across the Motherland.  You can learn more about that mission in my podcast and my up and coming audiobook BLACKSTERLING 2.0. I am  an Authorpreneur creator, and Black Liberationist. My mission is to restore the greatness of the Black Nation, unite with the motherland and create collective black wealth, economic and political power. 

I was featured in the voice newspaper, interviewed by Devon on BBC radio when I beat Hugo Boss in a Trademark war over the name Darkgirlboss.

I also do tours to the West Afrika, Sierra Leone. I have a hoodie & tee-shirt line based on my original greatness quotes, genesofgreatness.uk I believe my people were born great!  Which is reflected in all that i do.


"One of the most compelling works today describing the blackprint for building power for the many peoples of the African diaspora. It details historically our obstacles and identities a comprehensive plan to create Nationalism for the African peoples of the world."

- Prof. Carl Tone Jones 

"Great read! Kind of book you start you find it hard to put down.
I recommend purchasing this book as a kick start to financial freedom.
Khadijah Ward, I appreciate your hard work.focused into dissecting the system into manageable phases to create change. Definitely something to be recommended for larger exposure. Needs to be taught to the wider community

- Omari

"BlackSterling, a masterpiece! Thank you, Khadijah."

- Princess Hannah Rebel

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The Black-Print for Self-Reliance and collective blackwealth. BlackSterling is the only book that deconstructs the white supremacist systems in detail and shows how it impacts your everyday lives.